Black Friday: Tips to boost peak trading sales

Retailers and shoppers rejoice…. the clock is ticking and the countdown to Black Friday is on!

About the Guide

As businesses ramp up for one of the most critical shopping days of the year, Esendex polled over 4,000 shoppers across the globe to find out what they’re expecting, and more importantly, how they are planning to spend their hard-earned cash during this retail period.

Here is a summary of what we’ve discovered:

  • Many consumers would opt-in to Black Friday-related text messages – 40% are willing to do so
  • And they’re open to hearing about Black Friday sales and promotions ahead of time too – 56% are happy to hear news up to two weeks in advance and a further 27% three to four weeks in advance
  • Overall, mobile-based marketing messages can help you boost sales – 75% of consumers would consider purchasing products from a marketing message sent via text/SMS or WhatsApp
  • However, despite a willingness to opt-in to receive marketing messages via text/SMS, only a handful of brands will get that privilege – 41% of consumers opt-in to receive texts from just one to three brands
  • Customers prepare to splurge over the Black Friday period – 75% of shoppers plan to rein in spending a month before so they can splurge on the day

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