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Our white papers and eBooks showcase the most relevant information around mobile messaging. Be it SMS, WhatsApp and Email applications, we have captured insights across industries – for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Even if you’re just exploring your options, there’s a guide for you!

Collecting debt and managing personal finance

While we know that a digital-first approach is becoming a must-have – consumers continue to call for compassion and empathy from brands.

SMS in Financial Services

In the financial sector, security, reliability and trust are extremely important and using SMS can be used to deliver these values to your customers.

Messaging API Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a Messaging API to supercharge your messaging strategy, where do you start? Look no further than our buyer’s guide to messaging APIs, where we’ll explain the key considerations and more.

Messaging with APIs: The Product Factsheet

APIs can help you improve engagement, build deeper relationships with customers and improve the delivery of your key services. Our two-page factsheet explores this product.

The 5 Essentials of SMS Marketing Guide

With a 95% open rate of SMS messages, and 90 seconds being the average time it takes to open a text, SMS marketing is where you need to be.

Global Customer Engagement Guide

We surveyed 5,000 consumers worldwide to discover how and why they contact businesses and how they feel about the quality of the customer service they receive.

Getting started with WhatsApp Business Platform

With WhatsApp Business Platform, you can have rich, personalised, two-way conversations. Our guide covers the basics so you can quickly and easily get started.

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Black Friday

Esendex polled over 4,000 shoppers across the globe to find out what they’re expecting, and more importantly, how they are planning to spend their hard-earned cash during this retail period.

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Guide to conversational messaging

In this guide, we explain the do’s and don’ts of conversational messaging, from how it works to why it should become a critical element of your digital strategy.

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WhatsApp Business Platform: The essential guide

With a user base of over two billion (and growing), WhatsApp is a must-have for any business looking to improve the quality of customer interactions.

The power of SMS marketing

Here is our all-in-one resource on SMS marketing – what it is, the benefits of use cases and best practices.

What is WhatsApp Business Platform?

If you’re considering adding WhatsApp Business Platform to your customer communications stack, you may be wondering how best to use it.

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Test & learn 

Ensure the greatest success of your marketing campaigns by testing variables with SMS.

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Marketing agencies

Implement SMS for your marketing strategies for the best way to reach your customers’ target audience.

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Retail Marketing

We explore the challenges faced by retail marketers, and the role of mobile in an effective marketing strategy.

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Transport & logistics

Whether transporting goods or people, SMS traffic updates, delivery notifications and more can help drive efficiency.

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SMS in Aged Care

Communicate effectively with residents, families and other stakeholders within aged care.

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As the preferred means of communication across generations; contact staff and students efficiently with SMS.

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Laws & regulations

SMS is regulated to ensure the protection and privacy of message recipients.

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SMS providers

Not all SMS providers were created equal. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

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SMS is perfect for accounting services for things like billing reminders, scheduling and more.

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Promote your products and brand name with SMS. Instantly inform customers and maximise sales with SMS.

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SMS in Healthcare

Harness the power of SMS for direct communication with staff and patients. SMS offers an easy solution to rostering issues and effective reminders for patients.

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What is grey routing?

Would you trade message security, speed and reliability for a cheaper rate when sending SMS? Read this before making up your mind.

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SMS in Financial

SMS can be used within financial services to great affect, including banking, insurance and accounting.

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SMS in Hospitals

SMS is perfect for hospitals. Use SMS for dosage & vaccine reminders, appointment reminders, staff rostering, shift fillings and more.

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Don’t shoot the Facebook Messenger

We explore the reasons why more businesses haven’t embraced Messenger, and the possibilities it presents.

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