Debt Recovery

Enable fast, effective collections with mobile messaging.

In Australia today, more than a quarter of all invoices remain uncollected. Businesses struggle to recover their unpaid debt in a manner that is cost-effective and won’t disrupt their rapport with clients. In many cases, the cost to the business financially and via brand-reputation is higher than the amount owed. Esendex offers a fintech mobile collections service that automates the receivables activity in an ethical and efficient process.

Recover debt ethically with award-winning mobile-first fintech solutions that guarantee ROI

Council rate collection

Esendex enables customers to make council rate payments securely from their phones. Our solutions work with legacy systems, so you can launch digital collections quickly and at low-cost.

‘Self-serve’ payments

With 31% of Aussie’s getting help for financial stress, creditors need a ethical solution to recoup monies. Our Mobile Collections strategy helps customers self-cure debt.

Repayment strategies

Our messaging strategies are tailored to help housing associations increase repayments by moving from blanket, one-way communication to individualised, conversational messaging.

Debt Purchaser solutions

With an Esendex-powered collections solution, Debt Purchasers can increase collection rates, and reduce costs with little to no increased FTE resource commitments.

Final balance collection

Our collection solutions for utility companies are low-cost, can be adapted to customer behaviour and solve the challenge of collecting small value final balance debt.

Recover debt ethically

Esendex’s Mobile Collections solution won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2020, for its customer-centric approach to ethical debt recovery. All solutions meet FCA and Ofcom requirements regarding the fair treatment of customers – this is baked into the heart of our delivery programmes.

Partner with business communication experts

We have a wealth of experience in credit and collections, and we bring that to bear in every solution we build. We work collaboratively with you to build tailored communication solutions that solve the business challenges you are up against.

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Connect directly to major networks

With Esendex, your messages go directly to Australia’s major mobile network operators, ensuring speed and reliability of message delivery. Esendex is accredited to PCI Level 1 and ISO27001.

Succeed with strategic support and guidance

We’re dedicated to building messaging solutions that create long-term value for your business. With ongoing guidance and support included with all packages, we’re here to help you optimise our solutions to serve the changing objectives of your business.

Customer success stories

Increasing final debt payment from 4% to 19%, at a third of the cost of direct mail

Saving time and money for both the customer and Brighton & Hove City Council

Increasing incoming payments with an automated collection service

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