WhatsApp, RCS, Messenger: Esendex is ready to deliver rich messaging, the next generation of business messaging.

‘Rich Messaging’ is used to describe messaging with photo-video sharing and interactive functionality. As Australia prepares for RCS and further business-grade messaging options, Esendex already has the infrastructure in place to support RCS, already delivering rich messaging solutions to customers throughout the UK and Europe. Once Australian telecom companies support RCS we will be able to hit the ground running.

Lady and man both holding mobile phones. With message to recipient asking if they are still able to make their appointment, giving the option to reschedule

“We have taken our first step towards revolutionising the telecoms landscape, August 2017 saw Esendex accepted on to the Google’s RCS Early Access program, as one of just a select few companies worldwide.”

Geoff Love | Esendex

RCS Messaging

Create messages rich with images, videos or interactive buttons. We’ll be ready for RCS as soon as it is supported by Australian Teclo’s.

Omnichannel Chat

Discover the benefits of an Esendex omichannel communication mix.

Messaging Studio

Our rich messaging platform enables businesses to have conversations with customers, integrate with chatbots and multiple messaging channels.

Business-grade WhatsApp

Our solutions harness the power of WhatsApp for business. Learn how to automate your frequently asked questions

SMS Landing Pages

Build a web page specifically for viewing on a mobile phone, include images, offer codes and call-to-action buttons & drive customer engagement.



Our UK client Valiant is a well-known engineering company specialising in heating. Their engagement rates improved significantly from 2% to 40% by using an RCS and SMS landing page solution.


Companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement see a 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue, compared to 3.4% for weak omnichannel companies. (Aberdeen Group).


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Mobile commerce is forecast to account for 53% percent of the total commerce value by 2021 (ITProPortal)

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