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Our API for sending SMS messages

Reliable, scalable, lightweight APIs brought to you from the business messaging experts. At Esendex, we have 20+ years of experience in understanding complex business challenges and helping organisations find innovative ways to integrate SMS messaging into their existing software.

From delivery notifications and appointment reminders to marketing alerts, we can boost the speed, quality and delivery of your services by helping you automate your messaging. One connection for a world of seamless communication.

Why choose our API?

Fast & reliable message delivery

Our direct connections to all major networks ensures secure message delivery to both local and international customers, via the fastest and highest quality routes available.

We constantly exceed our commitment to process 90% of your messages within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.

Multichannel, global, scalable messaging

Send messages automatically to any country in seconds, from a provider that sends billions of messages per year.

Robust connectivity

Be confident that your time critical messages will always be sent. Our APIs and messaging platform consistently achieve an up time of 99.99% availability.

Easy, quick integration

Be equipped to send and receive messages in minutes. 
Our developers’ documentation will help guide you through how to implement our APIs seamlessly into your website or application.

Local support with a global reach

Access all the benefits of a global provider with the personal touch of expert local support. Have access to a dedicated account manager, the ability to speak to someone round-the-clock and more.

End-to-end data and security protection

Our ISO 27001 accreditation and usage of the most secure communication protocols (TLS 1.2) shows our commitment to protecting our customers’ data. We do not use grey routes.

Our key features

Send personalised and customised messages to single or multiple contacts. 

Schedule a date and time to send messages.

Retrieve inbound messages.

Be confident your messages have arrived by seeing the status of your messages and their send/delivery success.

Add metadata to sent messages (e.g. a campaign code or details specific to each recipient), enabling you to segment data and report on responses from different types of customers.

Retrieve the number of message credits you have remaining for each of your accounts. 

Transfer message credits between accounts.

Create and edit new accounts, contacts and contact groups.

Retrieve contacts who have opted out to receive messages and add them to the opt out list.

Developer? Come and play with our API.

We help build experiences, not just software

Our messaging API makes it easy for you to forge stronger connections with your customers, using a single platform. One API is all you need. Here’s how we’ve helped other businesses… 

Spotler improves customer engagement when they add SMS via Esendex

B2B marketing automation software provider Spotler wanted to add SMS as an additional comms channel to their platform. A partnership with Esendex has given Spotler the chance to send SMS alongside their existing email strategy to end customers, improving engagement and experience.

Capgemini deploys a robust click-and-collection solution, thanks to Esendex’s SMS API

Approached by a major high street retailer to launch their new click-and-collect service, Capgemini chose our SMS API to help. Since implementing this automation, their end customer’s ecommerce division has increased.

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