Receive SMS Online: Virtual Mobile Number For Businesses

A 10 digit number for receiving business SMS online

Features & benefits of a Virtual Mobile Number

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Receive SMS directly into your Esendex account

A Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) is the only way to receive SMS online, directly to your Esendex Account Inbox.

Using a VMN encourages two-way communication

Not only does a Virtual Mobile Number enable two-way communication, it encourages it. Your staff, customers and any other stakeholders will be able to get in touch via SMS. Not everyone has the time and willingness to call up or email with their feedback or questions. SMS is non-disruptive and requires minimal effort for customers, overcoming potential barriers that make feedback difficult to obtain from them.

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A unique number that is yours, and yours only

Our numbers are not shared and as such you, and you alone will be in charge of that number. This number will remain yours until you choose otherwise. Therefore your staff, customers and anyone else you give the number out to can store it in their phones.

“By far the most reliable and quickest in delivering what we needed. ” 


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