Improving the customer service experience with SMS

Bicycle Superstore is one of the leading full-service bicycle shops that offer a full range of road bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes. With 9 locations around Victoria, they cater to riders of all varieties.

About five years ago, Bicycle Superstore began improving their customer service with SMS. Through seeking customer feedback, they found out where their service was lacking. Customers loved the service being provided in store, but were disappointed by the lack of follow-up care provided. Following significant research, they identified that more regular communication was necessary for the level of service they wanted to provide. SMS provided a great option to communicate regularly, with the whole customer database, in a non-invasive manner.

Bicycle Superstore used a couple of different SMS providers in the beginning, but soon decided to consolidate all of the branches under the one umbrella, with a superior provider to look after all the stores simultaneously.

They found Esendex and, for over a year now, they have been utilising our simple-to-use Echo platform to communicate with their customers about servicing. SMS provides the solution to remind customers when services are due, schedule services and provide relevant servicing advice. Bike services are provided for free for the first year to everyone who buys a bike at Bicycle Superstore. Servicing is required four times annually, and every customer gets text message to remind them at these times.

“It’s a really simple and effective method to communicate to our customers, and it’s cost-effective.”


Since using Esendex’s service, the in store traffic has increased dramatically. With customers regularly returning for services and seeing what’s newly available. Using the service to maintain customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty has also saved the business money. Instead of developing marketing strategies for drawing in new customers, which is riskier, they simply maintain consistent communication with an existing customer database.

The success of the service in meeting the needs of drawing in customers has solved a communication issue, and created so much traffic in store that meeting high customer demands is a new focus for the business. A problem many businesses would like. In addition to the service boosting customer interaction and saving the business money, it’s also been easy to implement.

“It’s a really simple and effective method to communicate to our customers, and it’s cost-effective,” a communications specialist for Bicycle Superstore said.

Going forward after consolidating all of the branches’ SMS strategies using our service, Bicycle Superstore are looking for new ways to implement the service. Working together with our account management experts to further develop their customer communication strategy.

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