SMS boosts x8 increase in conversions – Black Pepper

About Black Pepper

Established in 1976, Black Pepper is an iconic Australian women’s fashion brand bringing stylish and quality clothing to their very loyal customers.

With the customer demographic profiles at 55 years old or above, Black Pepper has long been engaging with customers via various channels like direct mail, email, and different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

While all these channels are working just fine, the brand did wonder with the rise of mobile, how might their customers respond to SMS as a communication channel? As they started to collect customers’ mobile numbers a year ago via the sign up of their loyalty program, they decided it was time to try out SMS and see if it would add value to their communication strategy.

How did the Black Pepper SMS campaign work?

In July 2019, Black Pepper embarked upon their journey with the very first SMS campaign. It was a sales campaign offering a further 20% off on already discounted items both online and instore. The campaign was very successful, resulting in 8.4 times more conversions on online purchases compared to their regular email campaign.

Black Pepper had never used SMS to communicate with their loyalty program members before. In order to build trust, we suggested they use their brand name as the sender ID to help identify themselves. It obviously worked as reflected by the campaign results and the very low opt out rate.

“We are very happy with the results and the ROI it provided. We will definitely use SMS again for our bigger campaigns.”


Moving forward with SMS

As this is the first ever SMS campaign from Black Pepper, more testing is needed to understand exactly how the SMS channel could be utilised to maximise the benefit; or if combining SMS with another channel would bring even better results. As the brand continues to grow their database, we will continue to partner with Black Pepper and support them with finding the best use of SMS within their business.

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