Delivery reminders by SMS – Ocado’s success story

We’ve been working with Ocado since 2007 and we’d like to think we’ve been keeping their SMS as fresh as their food! 

Ocado approached us to find a suitable way to communicate with their customers and staff – SMS has proved to be the perfect ingredient. 

Communicating with customers

Ocado keep in touch with their customers through our automated one-way text messaging system. This improves their online shopping experience by reminding them when an order is due for delivery. By providing shoppers with communication they can count on, they’re able to make sure they’re at home when their shopping is delivered. 

Ocado wanted to differentiate themselves from other retailers who are using less effective communication tactics. They enjoy the fact they’re able to easily engage with their customers and deliver the reassurance that their goods will be delivered on time as promised. 

Communicating with staff

To communicate with staff, Ocado use our two-way SMS service allowing resource planners to offer shift swaps, overtime and holiday. Our SMS service gives them the power to text large groups of staff quickly and effectively – making the resource planners role much easier!

 “The Esendex SMS API is very impressive and was an immediate draw for us. It was hassle free to set up and integrated seamlessly with our existing business applications.”


More from Ocado…

“Our staff are vital to the success of Ocado. To consistently deliver outstanding service for our customers, we rely on our ability to flex on our staffing levels to meet our customer demand -Esendex have provided the perfect platform for us to do so.”

“We’re driven by our customers’ needs so we’re always looking for ways to enhance our services and pride ourselves on innovation. By improving our behind the scenes operations, we can add real value to our offering.”


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