An interview with Wutti Oparkcharoen – Practice Consultant

Docklands Dental Studio is a Victorian-based dental clinic with a mission of making sure their patients’ smiles support a lifetime of health and wellbeing and becoming the dentists of choice within their local area. With twenty years of experience, Docklands Dental Studio are strong believers in undertaking a patient-first approach to business strategy. “Understanding the needs and wants of our patients is essential when operating in any health profession, especially one that is often feared and disliked.” 

A difficult challenge

Wutti needed a way to gain valuable feedback from patients after consultations and checkups. This information would be analysed and used to improve the quality of service and future patient experience. Docklands Dental Studio had implemented web-based questionnaires delivered by email; however, the critical needs of patients could not be fully understood with a completion rate on average of 10%.

“[Esendex SMS Surveys] is a smart system, the benefits of a good [survey] application pays off big time”

Wutti Oparkcharoen – Practice Consultant

A winning solution

With a text/SMS Survey solution in mind, Wutti began trialling different mobile-led survey options. Prioritising quality and ease of use, Wuitti found the Esendex SMS Surveys system exceeded his needs, while the other competitor platforms lacked functionality. “[Esendex SMS Surveys] is a smart system, the benefits of a good [survey] application pays off big time” Wutti’s favourite feature is the branched question format. With branched surveys, the follow-up question is determined by the customer’s previous response. This eliminates the potential for non-appropriate questions and works towards a higher completion rate. Docklands Dental Studio now receives completion rates for their feedback surveys that are upwards of 40%.

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Endless possibilities

Wutti was so pleased with his Esendex SMS Survey results, he went on to utilise the system for his other business, solving specific COVID requirements.

Why businesses everywhere are impressed by Esendex SMS Surveys?

Boasting a 95% open rate within 90 seconds, SMS delivery provides an efficient and effective communication method with your end-user. Benefits of an SMS solution include not being lost in a sea of emails or potentially upsetting a respondent by calling at an inconvenient time. Additionally, Esendex’s all-in-one SMS Survey platform takes all the hassle out of building complex mobile questionnaires and allows you to deliver a professional and dynamic survey within minutes. Take a demo and find out more by talking to one of our experts.

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