Emergency SMS alert system Australia

Ensure important stakeholders receive critical information in an emergency.

Our ISO 27001 accreditation and Direct Network Connections allows us to commit to delivering your important communication safely.

When emergencies arise, there often isn’t enough time to call around, leave voicemail messages or send emails with the hope it will be read and actioned. SMS offers direct communication straight to the palm of the recipient’s hand. Integrating a reliable SMS service into an established emergency alert system can automate the process allowing better results a minimising human error. Additionally, if your business does not already have an established emergency plan our communication experts can assist you with this process.

When dealing with emergencies, there are no cutting corners. A reliable and robust system provides peace of mind. Especially in this day in age, when an emergency alert may be required to notify people of a potential COVID outbreak. Esendex is dedicated to providing high-quality service to our clients. With 90% of our messages being processed in 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds. Our processing commitment, in combination with our Direct Network Connections, ensures you can depend on Esendex for your alert requirements. It is quite common for cheaper business SMS suppliers to work with 3rd party telecommunication partners; our partnership with Direct Network Connections ensures your messages won’t be neglected.

Why is SMS best for alerting of emergencies?

We are strong believers that a reliable SMS service is best for notifying of emergencies.

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SMS are reliably and quickly delivered to handsets

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90% of text messages are read within three seconds

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Receiving text messages doesn’t require internet access

How should I use SMS to notify of emergencies?

When proactively strategising an emergency plan, it’s best first to understand what types of emergencies may occur. Brainstorming the possible emergencies will help identify the best course of action. While Esendex SMS is 90-95% reliable, it would be best to have an additional communication tool to cover the 5-10% of inaccuracy. For instance, most offices have an emergency plan, elected marshal and speaker system to announce an evacuation. An SMS addition to this system will operate as a backup plan. Alternatively, suppose an emergency to you looks like a server going down. In that case, it is possible to integrate the Esendex system to receive an error automatically and notify the responsible IT department.

Why use Esendex?

A Service Level Agreement backs our 95% of messages being processed within 20 seconds commitment. We also commit to the safety of data for our clients; our ISO27001 accreditation reinforces this commitment. However, our most valuable asset is our employees; we invest in our staff to ensure they are up-to-date with certifications and are educated. Our engineers are always working towards innovative and new ways to serve our clients with better technology; our account managers complete training workshops to better serve our clients. Come and experience the difference excellent staff can make.

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