How Conversational Marketing can work for your Brand

When it comes to digital marketing in 2022, fast, personalised, human interactions are what your customers are looking for. The question, of course, is how can you deliver?

The answer: Conversational Marketing.

More than just a trending buzzword, this approach is the key to building and maintaining strong relationships with your customers. Learn more below, or read our eBook on ‘How Conversational Marketing and Retail go hand-in-hand‘.

Conversational Marketing questions answered

What is Conversational Marketing?

As the name suggests, Conversational Marketing is when a brand creates and nurtures a relationship with their customers by talking with them, rather than simply at them. These two-way conversations happen in real-time, allowing the customer to ask questions and seek support in the time, place and channel they prefer. Think of it like hiring a sales assistant to give incredible customer service in-store – with Conversational Marketing, however, the store never has to close because the sales assistant is online and ready to impress any customer, at any time of day.

Why do customers respond well to Conversational Marketing?

Recently there has been a major shift in consumer expectations when it comes to the way they interact with brands. As our marketing technology has become more sophisticated, so too has the needs of the customer. Gone are the days where generic marketing messages are enough to drive conversions – now, it’s all about catering to the individual needs of your customers.

Conversational Marketing is designed to connect with customers in a way that puts them first as individuals. Whether it’s solving support issues in real-time via Live Chat or recommending a product based on their specific needs using an automated chatbot, customers appreciate when brands value their time and individual needs. In fact, a recent study showed that 73% of customers felt that live chat was the most satisfying way of dealing with a business.

A great example of how powerful this approach can be was shown by luxury fashion brand Gucci in 2020. When in-store shopping wasn’t possible due to lockdowns, Gucci started assisting customers on their website via a digital changing room. Online sales assistants helped customers choose sizes, styles and accessories to pair with their purchases – and sales went through the roof. And while your brand might not be akin to the Gucci’s of the world, the beauty of Conversational Marketing is that it is entirely scalable to suit your brand’s needs.

Here’s how Conversational Marketing can work for you

While Live Chat is currently the poster child for this strategy, the truth is that conversational channels can encompass everything from automated chatbots to live agent chat, SMS marketing or WhatsApp and Facebook messaging. The key is to identify areas where your brand could improve on its conversion rate, and provide friendly, helpful assistance that meets your customer’s needs.

Let’s say you’re an online fashion retailer and you notice that customers are consistently abandoning a certain product in their cart. By implementing a live chat feature that pops up on the page, your customers can get help with common problems that may be influencing their decision not to buy.

“What is the fit like on these jeans? Is this fabric stretchy? What happens if I buy them and don’t love them?” These are all questions that could be stopping customers from finalising their order or – even worse – going to a competitor. Conversational Marketing allows you to take them by the hand and close the sale by navigating common roadblocks in a way that nurtures the brand relationship and improves the customer experience.

Read our eBook on Conversational Marketing

We’ve put together a report on why retailers should consider a Conversational Marketing strategy and how they can get started today. Read the book here.

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