Cash4UNow increased their receivable collections with Esendex fintech.

Research has shown that financial institutions with strong customer loyalty have an open door to win more of their customers’ business. Optimising the customer journey via a mobile-led solution can improve your bottom line while boosting positive sentiment from clients.

We have been providing communication solutions to the Australian financial industry since 2007. Our strong foundations are part of the reason we deliver our clients their desired results. One Esendex finance client reported an increase of 38% in payments collected after implementing our technology.

Someone is looking at a graph on a computer. Is he holding a calculator or a phone? It's questionable. What is known, is the person's name is probably James. This is known by the text message conversation that is also displayed. He missed a payment, but he has the option to make a payment or speak to a team member. He has opted to speak to a team member. They are going to vet him by text and then put him onto the best person to help his claim. Another great use of debt collection via message with Esendex Australia.

Customer story

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Cash4UNow weren’t happy with their existing receivables procedure. Reducing client phonecalls could increase profits, however, they didn’t want to risk upsetting their clients by introducing an unpleasant customer experience. Esendex was able to fulfil their needs by implementing a Mobile Payment Solution and the results speak for themselves.

  • 64% open rate
  • 90% of payments are received through the Esendex Mobile Journey’s platform
  • The cost to run the activity is 1.3% of the full amount of payments collected via the Esendex platform.

Loved by global financial businesses

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Mobile optimised framework to improve financial activities


Use SMS and mobile-led communications to retrieve unpaid debt.

Traditional methods of collecting receivables can be costly to your net profits and your brand’s image. An Esendex solution that empowers your debtors to schedule their own payment plan can increase unpaid debt conversion.


Financial services communication industry analysis.

We’ve put together a whitepaper analysing communication within the financial sector. Learn about globally renowned ‘self serve’ B2C strategies. And how a multichannel communication strategy can improve debt collection.


Lift brand loyalty by opening channels of communication.

Esendex Omnichannel chat solutions provides the best way to communicate with your clients in their preferred form. Ensure your customers are happy and no message is left unanswered by syncing mediums and automating FAQ.

By the numbers


Research has shown, 90% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes of sending.


Aussie’s check their phones 85 times a day (on average, stat based on smartphones).


‘39% of clients who engaged via the Esendex payment solution made a payment or agreed on a payment plan.’ (Esendex client)


‘We reduced client-phone time by 2 minutes after utilising an Esendex Mobile solution’ (Esendex financial client)

About us

Esendex Australia is part of a global enterprise, a local team with international support. Our engineers and technicians work hard to ensure our technology is market-leading, our communication experts work with you to formulate winning communication strategies. From our humble SMS beginnings to our innovative cutting-edge fintech; together we make business communication better.
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Create teams

Building groups ensure a collective of necessary personnel can see client conversations in real-time. Additionally, this functionality allows for allocating specific conversations to different employees.

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Mobile ID verification

Screen and provide access to private information by our secure mobile-led solutions.

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Direct network connections

We have direct connections across Australian networks (including UK and Europe), and can send messages anywhere in the world.

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Data security at it’s best

We have ISO 27001 accreditation to guarantee your information is stored safely.

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We are FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) accredited. FSQS is a global standard for companies working within the financial sector. The purpose is to ensure companies that work with finance are able to source suppliers that meet compliance regulations.

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