Send & Receive SMS Via Email Seamlessly

Our Email to SMS gateway offers full integration with your existing email app.

Email to SMS with Esendex

Email to SMS gateway

Send SMS easily via your existing Email Client (Outlook, Gmail, etc) or combine both email and mobile communications for optimum engagement.

What is Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is a service that converts emails into SMS messages. It’s a simple one step configuration process and works with all existing email clients like Gmail, Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook etc. Once activated, you’ll be able to send SMS messages directly from your email inbox.

How to send SMS using email?

To send SMS from email, all you have to do is add the recipient’s mobile number to the start of the designated email address (i.e. [email protected]), type the message to the body of the email, and hit send – it’s that simple!

How can adding Email to your Esendex solution help you?

Debt collection

Ensuring your client campaigns have a similar look-and-feel is important for branding but can also increase success in collecting more quickly.

Within the financial industry, It’s essential to exhibit professionalism and authority. A disjointed brand experience could be viewed as an indicator of fraudulent activity by a debtor. Integrating eDM, SMS and other comms in one system can ensure your communication is kept on brand and is stored and replied too, collectively.

Our workflows can also provide communication preference data that will aid agents and ensure each debtor is contacted in the most efficient method.

Official notifications

Heighten your email open rates by automating triggered action that notifies recipients of important emails by SMS.

Some businesses, such as conveyancers and real estate agents, require critical time signatures and other information. Integrating SMS and email through the Esendex system can guarantee your information is delivered and replied too, on time.

We also have ‘intelligent attachments’ functionality, which will help you send personalised documents to each client.

Public Notices

Notify residents of upcoming inconveniences as efficiently as possible by combining SMS and Email in one campaign.

Monitor through the Esendex platform, which recipients have not acknowledged the communication and reply via their chosen form of communication.

By simplifying the process and tailoring it to their preference, your audience will be more likely to engage.

Appointment reminders

By coupling mobile-led comms and emails, your customers will always know when their appointments are and will have the ability to reschedule quickly.

This functionality reduces missed appointments and maximises your earning capacity. With the current restrictions on how many customers beauticians and barbers can have at one time in Australia, it’s critical to minimise any potential loss in earnings of missed appointments.

Some psychologists and other health providers are requesting a SMS confirmation before securing any appointments.

Logistics and delivery updates

Create a systematic communication journey to provide important delivery updates to your customers awaiting packages.

While some updates only need to be emailed, important questions like ‘Are you home today?’ or ‘Can we leave your letter unattended?’ can be sent via text.

With all of the communication tools integrated together, your customer service agents can keep track of all of the logistical information in one place.


Achieve success with marketing promotions by coupling SMS and eDM. Integrate both with your CRM, or use our powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Create purposeful campaigns with multi-faceted automation, with each contact understood better by tracking communication channels open rates.

Use our merge tags to personalise communication in a beautifully branded experience, ensuring each piece fits together seamlessly.

Why choose Esendex?

Join the trusted European leader in business communications.
Photograph showing Esendex's Studio platform on someone's laptop screen
Management icon
Engage better

Utilise our robust merge tag and personalisation features to provide content by pulling in recipient details.

Graph indicating upwards trajectory icon
Monitor campaign effectiveness

Directly download analytical reports on client engagement or upload to your current CRM.

White board and pencil icon
Craft communication solutions

Our team of designers, developers and engineers can work together to craft a communication solution that meets your business needs.

Coin pile with arrow indicating decrease icon
Cut costs

Manage your campaigns efficiently by emailing at the right time to save costs.

Noughts and crosses with arrow showing a strategy
Create the right mix

Build a true omnichannel experience by combining Esendex’s full suite of products; Email, SMS, mobile journeys and IP messaging.

Hand holding cog icon
Local support when you need it

Local Australian team, backed by an even larger international company.

Flowchart icon
Smarter workflows

Automatically collect client communication preference data and create triggers to update CRM contact details to improve future communications.

Are your email documents secure?

If you are sending a confidential document that calls for high security or read receipt,( i.e. policy details, contracts, dismissal or formal warning etc.) Integrating Esendex Email and SMS authentication provides you with security and official records of accessing data.

Email your recipient, and they will also be sent a unique password via SMS. Once they download the attachment, they can enter their password, and you can be confident they have read and accessed their information.

What are the benefits of using an Email to SMS Gateway?

No developer
or training required

Integration is as simple as adding an email addresses in your account, and you’ll be able to send SMS via email!

Manage SMS from
your email inbox

Enjoy the benefits and convenience by combining two communications channels into one inbox.

message reliability

Our direct connections to major networks means messages will be sent using the best possible route.

Data security

Our ISO27001 accreditation means all customer data is handled with the highest data security standard.

Real-time reporting
to measure campaign

Engagement report down to recipient levels to gauge campaign success, so changes can be made instantly.

preferred channel

64% of customers prefer business interactions via SMS, compared to channels like voice calls and post.

Higher open

SMS has an open rate of 94% in Australia, compared to 32.4% of email (source).

10 times more

The average conversions rate of SMS is 32%, compared to the 3.26% of email (source).

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