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What can our solutions be used for?

Outreach and lead generation

SMS marketing campaigns are the simplest way to get started. They’re easily personalised, have high engagement rates, deliver high ROI, and it’s easy to measure success via intelligent reports.

But we don’t stop there. Richer channels like WhatsApp, SMS Surveys and SMS Landing Pages are able to capitalise on the benefits of SMS, while offering additional features like branding, images/video and interactive elements.

It’s all designed to provide a more engaging experience that will create a stickier, higher-converting relationship with your customers.

Personalised campaign creation

We start with the basics, like including a customer’s name, but the real benefit lies in being able to offer specific products/services to each customer based on their own preferences.

The way the marketing message is delivered is crucial too. We consider the preferred communication channel of each customer and deliver content to suit. Again – this all helps to create a more comfortable conversation which results in higher conversions.


By using the information gathered from previous purchases, you’ll be able to deliver more personalised communications which promote similar/complementary products.

Making product/service recommendations like this can also be done at any stage. You may want to ask them if they’re interested before they get to the checkout, or you may want to wait until after the initial purchase has been made. Our solutions are completely tailorable to your requirements.

Measuring success

Our digital, mobile-focused solutions lean on detailed digital reports and dashboards which enable you to find out how many of your comms have been sent, seen by how many people, who engaged with the communication and much more.

Not only does this help to provide more detailed ROI, but will also help you create better marketing campaigns in the future.

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