Confirm appointments by a reminder text

empower your clients to confirm and reschedule appointments by text. Whether you run a hairdressing salon or a mechanics, one prevalent issue remains the same; your customers missing appointments equals loss of income. Investing in an automated appointment reminder system that allows your customers to notify you quickly of any changes is the solution. We offer a wide array of reminder services. We have the technology to support any requirements, from an automated text message confirming appointments to a multifaceted SMS chat and Mobile Journey solution. Please speak to us today to find out how we can help your business.

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Exceptionally tailored, mobile optimised journey.

Our team of conversion optimisation engineers will work with you to construct a mobile jouney from start to finish. Ensuring the end users reach our intended call-to-action. We can provide ability for users to pay bills, reschedule appointments or even click and collect.

Deliver the experience by SMS, WhatsApp, email or any other mobile messaging service. Once the user clicks on the provided link, they are encouraged to reach your intended destination by use of colour, UX designing and minimising distractions such as menu bars and other unnecessary hyperlinks.

Two-way SMS chat

Business communication simplified

While FAQ and brochure websites can usually supply the required information, nothing can replace speaking to a real human in stressful emergencies. Providing a two-way chat system can facilitate complicated sales and provide customer service in a cost-effective way that doesn’t cause traffic on your phone lines.

The Esendex SMS chat system can be used via our dashboard or alternatively can plug into most established comunication systems via API or Zapier.

Why choose Esendex

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We’re client focused

Our teams have your interests in mind. We are dedicated to your successful outcomes with Esendex.

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We lock up data safe

Our PCI Level 1 and ISO27001 certification is our commitment to uphold the best data security standards.

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We play well with others

We have worked hard to ensure our software can integrate with existing systems. Via API, Zapier or custom tailoring.

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We only deal with first party networks

We don’t use third party telecommunication connections so your messages come first.

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Our clients give us positive reviews.

We believe honest positive feedback is the best communication Read our feedback.

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We’re investing in the future of Australian business communication

We are always on the lookout of how we can improve our offering in Australia. With dedicated R&D teams, the future looks good.

Customer stories


Rockingham Peel Group

A Western Australian public healthcare provider, Rockingham Peel Group, needed a solution to cut down on the time it took to schedule medical appointments with patients by phone call. The previously existing method could tie up staff members for hours as many patients didn’t pick up their phone on the first call. On average, it would often take seven hours or more to book ten appointments.

When RPG reached out to Esendex, our friendly team members went through a few options; we discovered that a two-way chat system was the most time and cost-efficient. After deploying the Esendex system, RPG staff can schedule ten appointments in eight minutes (on average).

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Photo of a Red driving school car


RED Driving School (UK)

Red Driving School (RDS) is our client across the pond. RDS first came to Esendex due to a high drop-off rate with their driving lessons. In an industry with many young people still in high school, driving lessons can sometimes be missed or forgotten. The other hurdle was reaching these students and confirming times. Esendex worked with RDS to tailor and deploy an SMS appointment reminder system that worked to remind their students of appointment bookings 24 hours before and deliver the communication straight into the palm of their (sometimes difficult to reach) students.

RDS reported that the ‘no-show rate has vastly reduced’ and the Esendex system ‘has played a significant role in this’. Furthermore, RDS went on to start using Esendex to deliver marketing information in regards to their upcoming courses.

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