Texting platform for business

Sending texts from your computer is a powerful and simple way to communicate efficiently with your clients and stakeholders. Automate SMS via triggers and predefined workflows. Build rules that serve messages once a specific task has been actioned. Whether you’re looking to notify internal stakeholders of technology faults promptly or if you need to coordinate suppliers who aren’t ’email savvy’ – our communication engineers can identify the best solution for you. We offer bespoke and turnkey solutions to fit any existing ecosystem.

Reliablesecure platform to send SMS from your computer

Illustration on how to send SMS from our online platform Echo

No downloads. No installation. Sign up & send instantly.

Easy to use platform 

The intuitive layout of Echo makes it simple to navigate, write your message and send. Upload contacts instantly and choose to send your message right away or schedule for later. 

Use a sender ID to boost brand recognition

Choose to use your brand or company name as your sender ID to ensure your business name is displayed instead of a number. The sender ID can be any combination of alphanumetical characters—with a maximum of 11 characters and offers brand familiarity.

Message templates and personalisation 

Choose to build templates into your Echo account which make it simple to contact multiple users quicker. With dynamic field functionality you can input names and dates simply offering better opportunity to personalise and target. 

Real-time report

See the status of messages; whether sent and delivered to help with key reporting metrics and return on investment reports.

Receive SMS replies directly to your computer

Opting for a virtual mobile number will enable you to receive text messages back into your Echo account, enabling two way conversation with your customers, staff and stakeholders. All replies will go directly into your Echo inbox, accessible on any PC.

One solution, endless possibilities


Connect with our SMS API Gateway to enable your system to send and receive SMS. Websites, apps and software applications can all have their communication routes upgraded in just a matter of minutes.

Mobile Forms

Streamline your customer data capturing in an easy-to-use mobile-led format. The Esendex Mobile Forms platform works to increase engagement and speed of response for surveys and forms. Our functionalities are built to allow detailed user analytics which can be integrated via API or exported manually into a report. From seamless customer feedback experiences to secure online loan applications – read our case studies to learn how our clients use this solution.

Mobile Promotions

Consumers redeem SMS-delivered coupons about ten times more than other coupon types (Source: Point of Sale). A carefully crafted Esendex Mobile Promotions journey can cut through the noise of competitor advertising, ensuring your message gets seen. We can use your existing customer data to personalise the buyer experience and only market relevant offers. The functionality of adjusting messaging to segmented audiences works towards increasing conversions.

Mobile Letters

Reap the benefits of transitioning to a paperless organisation by using Esendex Mobile Letters. Our solution enables you to send essential documents directly to your end-user. Our functionality can request confirmation once received and provides secure upload of large files such as PDFs. Your receiver can easily retrieve the documents when needed, and your message isn’t lost in a messy email inbox.

Mobile Payments

Secure, contactless payment gateways delivered straight to your customers mobile. Collect payments from anywhere in Australia while guaranteeing your end-user’s financial credentials are kept safe. Our solutions are fully customisable to ensure your brand guidelines can be followed.



Statistical graph showing increase
Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email or Facebook
Source: techjury


Illustration of person holding coin, with increasing graph line in background
75% of people have suggested that they’d be happy to receive an offer via SMS
Source Campaign Monitor

How our clients use automated SMS

Optimise your existing processes with mobile-led innovation.


Using Mobile Journeys to collect outstanding balance or payment would allow your customers to make payment swiftly and easily, all via their mobile phone.

Add an authentication stage to verify customers’ identities before proceeding to your fully branded payment environment.

Your customer will then be guided through the simple and convenient PCI compliant Mobile Journey to enter their payment amount and choose their preferred payment details.

Reports can be tailored to capture any or all touchpoints to help identify drop off points for improved performance.


Conducting surveys via Mobile Journeys allows you to ask questions in almost any format: radio buttons, sliders or free-type – in a manner that’s both convenient and engaging for your audience.

Find out how customers rate your products and services, or if staff are happy with their work for valuable insights to improve your business; all within a fully branded, easy to use and self-serve environment.

All surveys data is provided in a customisable report to suit your business requirements.


Use Mobile Journeys to deliver more targeted and tailored marketing and promotional campaign.

Whether you are launching a new product, promoting a new event, running a promotional offer or trying to drive traffic to your online or physical store; Mobile Journeys will help boost conversion and success.

Make use of your existing customer data to create the Mobile Journeys with pre-filled information and personal preferences for each of the recipients for maximised results.

Data Collection

Collecting data with Mobile Journeys instead of paper forms will provide your customers the greater convenience of a full mobile customer journeys.

Mobile Journeys provide custom built, fully branded and intelligent forms that can automatically pull customer data to relevant fields when required to provide a more personalised experience and boost completion rate.

Reduce running cost by automating data feed into your in-house system. Use customisable reports to provide summaries of collected data to relevant department and staff.

Use Mobile Journeys to collect customer details, capture data, complete applications and contracts, and more.

Meter Readings

An innovative way to utilise the Mobile Journey technology is applying the functionality to improve the process of receiving meter readings. Customers won’t need to wait on hold to report their readings and speak to an agent; they can use a simplified mobile journey that doesn’t require an app download or high tech learning.

The process is easy; the gas, electricity or water supplier sends an SMS to the recipient with a link to click through. The branded environment is secure and requests information to validate the customer. The customers simply send a photo of the meter, and the data is automatically populated into the inhouse software recording meter usage.

Arrange Appointments

Integrate your existing booking system with Mobile Journeys to allow customers to change appointment times and dates all by themselves. Free your valuable administrative staff for other tasks.

Send your customers a fully branded Mobile Journey to provide them the options for available appointments. When the customers select a new date and time, the information can then be passed back to your system to update the record instantly.

You can also choose to send an SMS confirmation to your customer to confirm the new appointment, all done automatically.

Esendex solution features you can expect

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PCI compliant icon
PCI compliant payments

All credit card information will be processed, stored and transmuted securely

Brand icon
Use your corporate branding

Customise with your brand colours, logos and fonts to maintain corporate identity.

Barcode icon
Barcode / QR code support

Provide discount codes and vouchers which can be scanned at the checkout..

Video icon
Video / support

Use video to provide more engaging content or for clearer instructions.

Secure file icon
Secure file upload

Allow customers to upload photos and other digital files to a secure location

Map icon
Google Maps integration

Integrate maps to direct customers to your physical stores or any desired locations.

Calendar icon
Calendar integration

Link Mobile Journeys with your in-house booking system to allow automated appointment scheduling.

Multi channel icon
Employ a multichannel strategy

Our products work together to give you the tools for a true multichannel communication mix.

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While many businesses are still sending paper-based document via post for its formality, recent research revealed that 72% of consumers had encountered problems when completing a transaction due to paper-based processes. Still a bit unsure how this would all come together? We’ve set up a demo just for you!

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