4 ways to overcome retail marketing challenges

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Exploring the role of mobile in an effective marketing strategy

Retailers are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to engage with their customers, setting them apart from competitors. In this eBook we’re exploring three key opportunities for growth:

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Did you know a personalised advert converts 10 times better than an unpersonalised one? This requires a more sophisticated approach than simply adding the customer’s name. We’ll discuss how personalisation can be implemented easily.

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Mobile-first approach

While most retailers acknowledge the growing importance of mobile in a customer’s purchasing journey, they fail to capitalise on the opportunities it presents. We explore innovative ways to transform the mobile user experience in this ebook.

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Better promotional channels

Email is one of the most familiar promotional channels for retailers, yet the typical open rate and click-through-rate is only 22% and 3.26% respectively. Are there other promotional channels that can give you better results?