Send automated SMS using Magento or Magento 2.X

Use SMS notifications to keep your customers or staff in the loop

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Our integration with Zapier enables you to set up and push out triggered, personalised SMS messages via Magento or Magento 2.X using your Esendex account. Trigger instant text messages or schedule them when new orders, new invoices or shipments occur to keep stakeholders and customers in the loop up to date for increased efficiency and customer service.

Esendex & Magento SMS solutions

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New customers

Trigger alerts using SMS whenever new customers are created within your Magento store. Particularly useful for account managers and sales managers to enable quicker action to take place when on-the-go. Send new customer greetings to boost customer service as a thank you for their custom.

Include specified information inclding contact and account details without the need to extract information and re-upload. Or embrace SMS as part of your onboarding process to notify your customer their account has been created.

With our Zapier integration, you can easily link your Esendex account with your ecommerce store and use SMS to keep your customers engaged throughout their buying journey.

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New orders

Streamline your ordering process by setting up automated SMS alerts to specific staff or customers with product details when a new order is received in your Magento store. Save time and keep everyone informed.

Include key fields such as order IDs, product information, quantities and account details for quick and easy reference.

Whether you want a text message to be triggered instantly or after a specific period of time, you can set that up easily by integrating Magento or Magento 2.X with your Esendex account via Zapier.

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Shipping alerts

The Esendex Zapier integration allows ecommerce stores on either of the Magento platforms to send automated SMS alerts to specified recipients; including both staff and customers to keep them up to date with the delivery status of the order and when shipment is made.

Personalise each message with relevant information so that customers or staff can easily locate details of their order. By alerting account managers about the shipments of their customer’s orders they can also take action where shipments are delayed.

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New products

While online shops have the advantage of being accessible 24/7, the magnitude of inventories of stock might make it difficult for staff and customers to keep track of new arrival or stock status.

Send an SMS notification to staff together with product details to ensure they are up to date with the newest items of stock; or notify customers instantly with new products launches or additions.

The Zapier integration between Magento and Esendex makes it easy for you to automate and personalise the message to each customer according to their purchase history or preferences.

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Invoice alerts

Automate an SMS alert to be sent to account managers, sales managers and key stakeholders whenever a new sales order invoice is created within your Magento store.

This will enable your sales team to act upon them if they are on the go – provide as much or as little information needed to boost efficiencty and follow-up.

Integrate Magento with Esendex using Zapier is straightforward. No development support is needed.

Choose from our pre-made Magento & Esendex templates to send SMS

Using instant and automated SMS alerts to keep your staff and customers engaged is simple. You can create your zap without even leaving our website. No developer or coding required. Simply click to make a Zap and get started. .

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