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WhatsApp is the world’s favourite messaging app, yet only 38% of businesses are connecting with customers via this channel. Ready to take your conversations to the next level?

Conversation Powered by Your Customers

From SMS and WhatsApp to multi-channel mobile journeys, Esendex helps you deliver business messaging that puts the power in your customers’ hands. Create conversation and true engagement with customer-led communications.

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SMS Laws in Australia

Although SMS marketing has proved very effective, businesses can get slapped with millions of dollars worth of fines for violating spam laws if they aren’t careful.

It can be a little unclear when implementing SMS strategies where to draw the line between effective marketing and spam.


Omnichannel Communication Mix

Our Omnichannel Chat platform enables you to keep track of all consumer conversations.

Manage all of your customer interactions in one place, allocate conversations to specific staff members and create groups to monitor chats. Our system can integrate into existing CRM’s and combines SMS, WhatsApp, RCS and Email into one dashboard.


Consumer data collection

Our Mobile Journey feedback retrieval and survey solutions are built with usability and conversion optimisation in mind. We work with you to create a branded environment that achieves optimum responding percentage to your questionnaires’.


Payments & Collections

The Esendex Mobile Collections and Mobile payment platforms utilise machine learning to instigate non-invasive collection processes via mobile-led communication.

Our system empowers your debtors with the power to make full payment or schedule a payment plan via an easy to use interface with your branding.


Client & Patient Reminders

Prevent customers and patients from missing appointments; employ an automated notification system that your stakeholders find useful and easy to use.

We have a range of options to notify clients of upcoming consultations, from an SMS with dates and contact number to carefully crafted mobile landing pages with rescheduling functionality – we have the solution best suited to your organisation.


Staff and Supplier Communication

Efficiently communicate with your staff. Our internal mobile-led communication solutions are quick to use and cost-efficient.

Most importantly, we will work with you to build a strategy that heightens engagement and morale.


3rd Party Software integration

We are committed to fitting into your existing communication strategy or CRM platform. We have an extensive array of API integrations and partner-specific Esendex plugins. Don’t see what you need? Let us know; we’re always looking to expand our capabilities and software integrations.

Case studies

A very happy woman smiling at her phone. An image of a person going through receipts and calculating something with a calculator and pen.

Charities and NPO

“The SMS donation has really allowed us to communicate more often and in a cheaper and quicker way.”

Alex Cross, Fundraising Manager, Guide Dogs Australia.

Learn how Guide Dogs Australia utilised an Esendex solution to re-engage donors and boost fundraising activities.


“Using SMS has saved us time and effort which allows us to focus more time on caring for our residents.”

Bupa Care Services

Bupa Care Services Australia partnered with Esendex to deliver a better way to communicate with staff. Learn how Bupa reduced admin time and was able to facilitate a solution that meet their internal communication needs.

A female nurse or doctor, wearing blue scrubs and speaking to another woman. A blue stethoscope.


“The system was so easy to implement and train staff on, once they’d sent one or two messages the benefits were there for all to see.”

Richard Van Der Kroff, CTI Logistics

One of Western Australia’s largest logistic’s companies adopted Esendex technology to efficiently manage staff and subcontractors. Read the Esendex and CTI Logistics case study to find out how.

Why you should join us

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ISO 27001
registered firm

We are a ISO 27001 registered firm, and we are committed to keeping our client’s data safe.

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Rated ‘Excellent’ by clients

We invest in our staff who return the favour by providing our clients with elite customer service.

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Plug in and play

We fit into your world. We can easily integrate into most platforms or CRMs.

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Robust and easy-to-use platform

If you need a platform for business communication, our system allows you to send and receive all communications online.

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Real-time message processing

Esendex is committed to processing 90% of your messages in 5 seconds and 95% within 20.

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Omnichannel communication mix

Build a omnichannel experience for stakeholders. Combine SMS, WhatsApp, Bots and more. With automated contact communication preferences.

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Analytics reports

Download detailed analytic reports to understand communication success or import results straight into your preferred tracking system.

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Local support when you need it

Our team of technicians are based in Melbourne, Australia and are available in local business hours.

Customer Reviews

A very easy and straight forward system to use. With the added bonus of being super cost effective. It has not only improved our daily reminders but also our interaction with our patients.

Highly recommend Kyle for his ongoing friendly and professional support.

One happy NZ customer

Excellent customer support and extremely easy to use. I have recommended Essendex to others.


Its easy to use, straight forward. I work afternoon shift most days and if someone rang sick I can just send message to the staff instead of calling them which is time consuming, especially if you are too busy with other things. It definitely is a life saver. Thank you. Useful Share


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