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RCS or Rich Communication Services is the future of mobile-led communication in Australia.

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Introducing RCS

Esendex is ready for RCS messaging when Australia’s networks are. We are already delivering feature-rich communications to our international clients. SMS has lots going for it: wide reach, high open rates and responses, low cost, easy to use – and it plays nicely with other systems via an SMS API.

But, driven by the lack of group messaging and media sharing, personal communication has been moving to apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Similarly, some businesses have attempted to drive their customers towards using custom-built apps, for more personalised content, improved analytics and an immersive brand experience.

Enter RCS. The intention with RCS is that it will be the default messaging app on all Android devices, effectively replacing SMS.

As a business using RCS, you’ll be able to send your customers and staff rich content including a calendar function, so they can view and change appointments; a carousel of new products with the ability to customise colour and size, and purchase; a reminder of late payments and the ability to make a full or partial payment – all without leaving the app.

Here are some of the ways you can have smarter interactions by sending richer content to your customers.

What are the features of RCS Messaging?

Here are the features which will help you enjoy more intelligent interactions with your customers

Greater trust

Featuring verified user and branding ID credentials, it’s hoped RCS will vastly reduce spam.

Retain more customers

With tailored messages that make your brand easy to engage with.


If RCS is not available on the recipient’s handset, they’ll receive a link to a landing page.

Multimedia with no download

Include barcodes, maps, videos and images to boost engagement.

that drive change

ATrack read receipts and clicks to assess the success of your campaigns.

Deliver best-in-class
user experience

Your customers have high expectations of you, which RCS helps deliver.

A truly omnichannel experience.

Communicate with your customers in their preferred communication channel with  Omni-chat. Integrate multiple communication methods including RCS messaging, WhatsApp and 2-way-SMS chat. Never lose a beat, with the option for group-teams to be set up to help your business deliver seamless customer service.

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