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A female Looking at her mobile phone in front of an UniversitySMS is a popular communication channel among younger and older audiences, making it the ideal technology for communicating within the education industry. While many leading universities, schools and other educational institutions are already harnessing SMS for managing internal and external communication, others may need some guidance.

We’ve put together a few great ways to use SMS within education:

1. Internal communication

Think of the convenience for staff receiving reminders via SMS of upcoming important meetings and training days. Not only will this help teachers and administration workers manage their duties, but it will improve attendance and therefore build their capability to provide a high quality learning experience for students.

2. Communicating with parents

Establishing SMS as the main channel for communicating with the parents of students can prevent unnecessary delays and free up time for administration staff. For example, setting up an SMS alert system for reporting absences can easily notify parents and staff when a student is unwell. SMS also provides a less intrusive and non-disruptive way for staff to communicate with parents. For example, during hours when they will likely be at work and it may be inconvenient for them to take a phone call.

3. Communicating with students

Many universities and schools are offering exam results via SMS. For eager students anticipating their grades, this is extremely beneficial. SMS can also be used to remind students about overdue library resources to reduce any potential late fees.

These strategies have proved successful for managing communication among all stakeholders within the education sector. For help implementing successful SMS campaigns within education visit our White Paper. For specialised advice on how to tailor SMS to meet your specific communication needs, give us a call today on 1300 764 946.

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia