C# SMS SDK has been released

Topic: Esendex, Technical

C# SMS SDK has been released to support customers who are integrating with the new Esendex SMS API.  C# SMS SDK is available on open source and has been published on CodePlex under a LGPL licence. We have made the source code available free of charge because we believe that developers that can benefit greatly and that by consuming our services we can continue to develop and enhance our C# SMS SDK.Our C# SMS SDK includes examples of integration with a range of the key Esendex features, including; Inbox, Contacts, Messaging and Sent Items. Associated unit tests have been carried out on these examples, in line with TDD (Test driven development) an approach used by the Esendex development team.If you wish to start sending messages immediately, there’s a comprehensive documentation for the C # SMS SDK and a quick start guide within the developer area of our website. All resources are explained here and you can interact with in detail.If you would like to try C# SMS SDK and if you are an existing customer, simply log in to your account as usual and visit http://esendex.codeplex.com/releases. If you don’t currently have an account with us then please sign-up for a free trial now – it would be great to hear what you think.

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