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bicycle superstoreCycling culture is rapidly taking over in Australia, contributing to the wider trends of healthy lifestyle and environmental consciousness, and Bicycle Superstore has been a big part of this. Bicycle Superstore is a household name and an icon in the bicycle industry. From humble beginnings with just one store in Dandenong, Bicycle Superstore now has 9 locations across Victoria.We’re helping them keep in touch with their customers about servicing requirements, amongst other things. So we had a chat to Glen Kernick, who manages their SMS communication, about how our service is working for them.

  1. Why did you choose our service?

We’ve used a couple of different providers in the past, we wanted to consolidate communication under the one umbrella.

  1. What do you use the service for?16457304696_51258b3d78_z

To communicate with our customer database. It’s particularly effective for scheduling services, advising customers when services are due, and sending out reminders. Everybody that buys a bike with us is contacted by SMS about servicing. Services are due four times a year, and are free for the first year.

  1. What were you hoping to get out of using SMS?

We started using this type of system about five years ago. We undertook some customer surveys and one of the key bits of feedback from a customer was that they loved the store service, but were disappointed with the lack of follow up communication. We did a significant amount of research and realised that we needed to communicate more regularly, so we started sending SMS.

  1. What did you actually get out of using our service?

It’s provided a really good option to communicate with the database in a non-invasive manner. The traffic in our stores has risen dramatically; people are returning quite regularly. It’s a really effective method of marketing to our database. It’s a really simple and effective method to communicate to our customers, and it’s cost-effective!

  1. What are your plans for using the service in the future?

Keep getting this result! Work with Jon (their Esendex Account Manager) and the Accounts team about how to move forward.The results are causing a lot of issues in store right now dealing with the extra traffic, which is fantastic, so we’re working on that now!If you’d like to know more about our service, or our customers, have a look at our customer stories, or give us a call today on 1300 764 946.

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia