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Zipform logoAs an innovative tech company, it’s cool for us to get to work with businesses of a similar go-getting mentality. That’s why when Zipform signed up with us, we got really excited.Zipform is one business which has really moved with the times, from humble beginnings as a print mail house to becoming a full service customer communications company. They offer clients a total communication service, distributing physical and electronic materials for comprehensive financial and marketing communication. Working, like us, in partnerships with their clients to develop the most effective communication strategies possible.For over a year now, Zipform have been using our SMS service in order to communicate more effectively on behalf of their clients. For clients in the insurance industry, they send out thousands of messages a week, reminding people to renew the insurance policies that keep them covered if disaster strikes! After all, how terrible would it be if something bad happened, and you’d forgotten to renew your insurance?The SMS messages accompany other avenues of communication, like email. However, with the open rate of SMS being 98% compared to email’s 22% (Frost & Sullivan, 2010), Zipform can now be much more confident that their audience will get the message.Zipform came across the Esendex service after trying some other providers unsuccessfully. When they saw the many benefits of Echo, our online SMS platform, they realised it was our service that was particularly tailored to meeting their needs.In particular, they found it useful to be able to bulk upload contacts and schedule the messages to be sent throughout the day, because this manages the workload on their call centres. Previously they sent reminders simultaneously, and watched their call centre phones ring off-the-hook all at once, creating a really stressful environment for staff, as well as causing their customers to be on hold for long periods of time–not great customer service. They now find it more effective to send the messages out in intervals, so that the call centre isn’t bombarded with calls for policy renewals all at once.One representative we spoke to was thrilled with the service, because of its ability to reduce the workload in call centres, and was impressed with the level of customer service he received implementing SMS.“The support has been great and the setup was quick and easy,” he told us.If your business is also looking for an effective and efficient communication strategy, give us a call today on 1300 764 946 or email us at [email protected].

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia