Esendex at the Australian Telehealth Conference

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Melbourne sales team

Last week we were busy exhibiting at the annual Australian Telehealth Conference in Sydney! The conference explored the many ways that innovative uses of technology are advancing the quality of our healthcare system.We know first-hand about the pivotal role SMS can play in telehealth and technology in health. After all, many of our own customers have implemented our service to improve efficiency in healthcare. So, we wanted to stretch our influence, and share ideas in a crowd of healthcare professionals and promote the possibilities of SMS.We talked with many field experts and listened to what they had to say as well, which gave us a stronger understanding of the pain points, issues and solutions in telehealth. We heard from CEOs and founders to research experts and government officials.We also heard from innovative entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry, who are solving niche problems with unique solutions. A great example was Quanticare Technologies’ development of an innovative strategy to improve the effectiveness of walking frames. By fitting the frame with cameras they could analyse the walker’s style to swiftly identify any changes that may be a sign of a health issue developing. For example, if the step-length changes, then different problems that relate to this can be identified earlier rather than later.Despite a severe storm coinciding with our visit, the event was still a big success. We built new relationships with other health-minded organisations, got some great ideas, and learned a lot about technology’s influence in healthcare, and how we can keep contributing to it.JON DOG

 …We also got to rescue this dog from the rain!

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia