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One of the key characteristics of working with Esendex is that you are assured a quality level of service. In every aspect of our work we strive to beat our own high expectations whether that’s customer support, website usability, API connectivity or up-time of our in-house built platform. We believe it’s this quality that sets us apart from our closest competitor. This drive for quality has lead us to spend time establishing direct connections with major networks in around the world as well as Australasia such as Telstra and Vodafone. Whether you need to send a message to stakeholders in Australia, New Zealand or London you can be assured your message will pass through a quality connection.

Direct connections are all very well and good but what does it mean for me?:

  • Your message gets delivered quicker which is essential for businesses sending large volume or critical messages.
  • Using fewer network providers or avoiding aggregators decreases the likelihood of failures as there are less points of potential failure along the message journey.
  • In the unlikely event that failures happen it will take less time to identify and get support for the problem.
  • Multiple redundant direct connections means that if a network experiences problems our in-house built platform automatically switches to an alternative network so that your service is not effected.

Having confidence in our Network partners helps us deliver the highest level of service to our customers regardless of cost. But developing these direct connections is only a small part of a large focus on quality for Esendex.

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