Five reasons why you need to use an SMS Sender ID

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SMS Sender IDHave you ever received an SMS from a company and wondered how they made it look as though you have the number stored in your phone? Well, it’s by using an SMS Sender ID, and it’s done through some technical wizardry carried out by a company like us, Esendex. But why would you use one?1. Instant brand recognitionIf you are messaging customers, it is in your best interest for them to instantly see who the message is from. Your customer will read your message with a more positive attitude and therefore absorb the information better.  Without an SMS Sender ID, the message appears from an unknown and unfamiliar number, raising suspicion which can lead to a more negative attitude when approaching the message. That’s not a good first impression. 2. Brand reinforcement Using an SMS Sender ID is great for reinforcing your brand’s name in the customer’s mind. It will be the first thing they see upon receiving a message and even if they don’t open the message there and then, it will be planted in their subconscious. Also, whenever they scroll through their recent messages they’ll see your brand name. Again reinforcing your brand in their mind. You may have heard of marketing to the subconscious, well this is an easy and cost effective way of doing that.3. Higher level of trustWhen a customer receives a message from a random number, claiming to be a brand, they may often dismiss that message. Unless they have reason to believe that the number is legitimate—perhaps after giving it the benefit of doubt and finding its content to be true—they may simply delete the message. Why risk that happening? You can simply replace the phone number with your brand’s name and gain your customers’ trust instantly. If they know your brand, and they should because they’ve signed up to receive messages, they will be trusting of the messages they receive from you. If you need an opt out option, which is compulsory for marketing and sales messages, you can insert the number at the end of the message, i.e. “opt-out reply STOP to 0444444444”.4. A more premium and professional lookFor similar reasons to those above, an SMS Sender ID will give the message a more premium and professional feel to it. Sending from a phone number looks as though you have sent it from a mobile phone, at least to the uninformed—not very business like. Yet sending a message and having the brand name magically appear on the recipient’s phone feels much more legitimate and makes your  brand look like you’ve invested in this communication platform.5. Message differentiationYou can also use the SMS Sender ID as a means to inform the recipient of the nature of the message. For example, you could use the Sender ID to quickly let the recipient know which messages are for promotional purposes, which are service messages and which are personal communications. This can be advantageous when the recipient looks at the message while say during a meeting, they’ll know if the message is urgent or whether it can wait to a suitable time.If you’d like to know more about Sender IDs and how you can benefit from them, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 764 946 or email [email protected].

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