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planeTechnological advancements have changed the way we do everything. Life without mobile devices is hard to imagine, just as life with them would have been hard to imagine for those before us. Much the same, we think there’s going to be all kinds of tech developments that change the world over the coming years, in ways almost that seem inconceivable now. So we looked into it to see what’s in the developing stages of the tech world and took a few educated guesses about things that will change drastically.1. Cars – your car may be able to communicate with traffic lights to improve traffic flow, interact with other vehicles to prevent accidents. It could also be fully automated so as to be your personal chauffeur, similar to how they are automated to park themselves now. Chris, our GM, has visions of cars dropping you off at work and parking themselves in ‘parking hubs’ located all around. You’d then just request your car to come back for you 15 minutes or so before you need picking up. Oh, and the flying car might be way closer to our driveways than you’d think too.4672433373_0e2bfdc370_o2. HouseholdsAs predicted by Bill Gates, household robots may be the next technological frontier. Well, technically, you probably already have robots in your home. Your dishwasher cleans automatically, so it’s a robot. We’re talking about the cinematic robots everyones been waiting for. The ones that are capable of operating in a similar way to people, just like in the hollywood blockbuster, ‘iRobot’ (and many others), but hopefully without the homicidal tendencies you often see in movies.19245594_69b4ad1ebc_o3. Brains – Have you ever used the excuse “I’m not a mindreader” to explain not realising the subtle hints that someone was upset or angry with you? Well in the future, this excuse may not go down so well. Neuroscientists are currently working on ways to read minds with advanced technology. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and elsewhere have had some success translating electrical activity from the brain by means of decoding brainwaves to help sufferers of dementia, using neurotransmitters. We don’t think it’s just around the corner, but maybe in the not too distant future, people could interpret each others brainwaves to read their minds! Although, we might not actually want this at all.4. Security passwords won’t be necessary. This is a prediction that’s pretty certain, at least according to IBM, and it’s thought to happen within only the next couple of years. Apple and Google are working on face recognition software for mobile phones. Soon you may not have to worry about forgetting the order of the numbers that follow your first pet’s name and getting locked out of your account.  5. Travel – We’ve heard about plans for a windowless plane in the near future. With large, high-definition, ultra thin, lightweight displays forming the inside of the fuselage., These displays would project images of the exterior from cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior. In short, you’d feel like you were floating in the sky. For aviation enthusiasts, an exciting prospect, for people with trouble flying, an actual real-life nightmare. But we’re more interested in speed! Given that journeys which used to take weeks by boat can now be completed in hours by plane, we think it’s realistic to think that traveling could be much quicker in the coming years thanks to future tech developments in the aviation industry. We might even travel to outer space, or we may never leave our homes; opting for Virtual Reality.6. Language barriers – Can you even imagine this not being a problem? How very different it would become to travel the world if you could understand easily understand every language. Introducing universal translators; allowing two people to speak to one another in languages they don’t understand. Simply by pushing a button your words could be translated into English as spoken, and vice-versa. Anyone who studied a language at school and struggled with it will know that the online translators of today aren’t so reliable, so this may take a while to become perfect too.While we’ve had a look around to see what’s in progress, these are just our thoughts about what drastic changes technology might bring for the future. Leave a comment below with your ideas!

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