Dentists pain points can be solved with SMS

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SMS appointment reminders

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Recently I missed an appointment, it was perhaps the first appointment I’ve ever missed and it was completely by accident. The appointment was for visiting the dentist, not that it really matters. The point is, I had forgotten about the appointment and I’d only booked it a few days earlier.Had I been more organised, which I usually am, I would have created my own reminder on my phone or online calendar, but alas, I hadn’t. In a busy work environment, having lots to do and a lot going on, I got a bit caught up in a last minute meeting, and it completely took my mind away from this appointment.A simple SMS reminder sent a few hours before my appointment would have no doubt jogged my memory and I would have made it in. It would have cost the dentists barely anything and they’d have not wasted that 1 hour slot. The dentist in question could have also used the hour slot that I had to book in another patient.I also booked in another appointment for 3 months’ time, which no doubt will have slipped my mind by then, so how about a little SMS reminder a couple of days before that appointment?

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Liz Wilson