How to keep customers loyal with SMS

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3611910238_fb3e734da3_zThe benefits of Business SMS for customer loyalty and retention are huge. Customer loyalty is extremely important for businesses, and SMS can be used to help build and maintain a loyal customer base.In today’s economic climate, retaining a loyal customer base is even more important as competitors fight for market share and businesses work to keep their operating costs down. To remain competitive, every business needs to build customer loyalty and retain those hard-won customers.  After all, it costs on average, three times more to acquire new customers that it does to keep an existing one.Customer loyalty and retention are central for increasing business revenue. Studies have shown that by increasing customer retention, a company’s profits can grow dramatically. A study by the global business consulting firm, Baines and Company, concluded that “a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%.”One way companies can encourage customer loyalty and retention is by using text messaging to communicate with them. SMS is maturing as a business communication channel. It has gained this popularity due to its immediacy, discretion, and has the highest open rates of any messaging channel, with over 98% of messages being opened. It is cheaper than making phone calls and sending direct mail. On top of this, it encourages an immediate responses. Furthermore, one of the best devices for communicating with people is the mobile phone, as they are always with their owner and they can use it wherever they are.

How can a business use SMS to improve customer loyalty and retention?

Here are just a few ideas of how SMS can be used for customer loyalty:

  • Regular SMS communication to keep your brand at the front of your customers’ minds
  • Provide excellent Customer Service, get your customer service team to communicate via SMS with customers to save your customer waiting on hold
  • Use SMS to confirm appointment times, with the added benefit reducing no show rates and therefore your costs
  • Sending timely reminders—such as insurance renewals, car servicing, six month dentist appointments—anything that can help take away the need for your customers to remember
  • Send last-minute promotions via SMS to to ensure your customers never miss a flash sale
  • Use SMS to confirm delivery time of goods, meaning your customers can make sure they’re at home to receive it
  • Allow your customers to send SMS messages back to you, giving easy channels of receiving valuable feedback
  • Send out customer SMS surveys to further understand how your customers view your company
  • Another channel, for those that don’t want to talk, SMS is simply the preferred method of communication

Now that you’ve decided that a Business SMS can help your company, which method do you choose to send SMS?

Send SMS Online:

  • Online SMS is ideal if you need access across multiple devices. You can send SMS from any web-enabled device
  • No software to download and no integration required
  • Buy SMS online and send messages straight away
  • Our online SMS platform is simple to use and no training is required
  • Online SMS is ideal for bulk messaging. Simply upload a file, write a message and send to thousands of mobile phones in an instant.

Send SMS via Email:

  • Email to SMS service allows you to send and receive SMS from any email platform, including Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo!mail, etc.
  • Allows for rapid rollout to a large number of people within the organisation e.g. call centre
  • It’s ideal if you don’t want your staff to have access to web pages.

Send SMS from your business applications and websites with our SMS API

  • Our SMS API service allows you to automate the sending and receiving of SMS messages by integrating SMS services directly with business applications, websites or other software.
  • Some SMS providers offer kits of development fully compatible with and to download directly and free like: ASP, ASP. NET, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, PHP, VB.NET, Visual Basic.

Find out for yourself how SMS can increase your customer loyalty and retention. For further information and to set up a free trial, call us on 1300 764 946.

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