Introducing… Push Notifications in our Developer Tools web application

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We’ve just introduced a new way for our customers and their development teams to configure Push Notifications within our Developer Tools web application.Push Notifications enable your software to receive timely updates when messages are either received into an account, delivered from an account or failed to reach their destination. It is now possible to configure these notifications in our new and improved Developer Tools web application (formerly called Esendex API).It’s easy to set up Push Notifications…1. Simply select the account from which you would like to receive notification using the Account list in the top right of the page.2. Choose the type of notification that you want to set up (i.e. SMS delivered, SMS received or SMS failed) and click on the corresponding configure button.3. Supply a valid public URL for your notification handler that will receive and accept the notification.4. If required, add any optional notes for the notification you are setting up (this is for your own reference and doesn’t affect the performance of notifications).It’s also good to know…If your server URL is unresponsive or errors when Esendex sends you a push notification you can include an email address in the settings section that Esendex will use to notify you of a problem.A diagram outlining how text messages go though out system and reach your serverAt Esendex we’re committed to continually improving our products and services – the Developer Tools is no exception to that. It would be great to hear your feedback, both good and bad and if you have any suggestions so we can continue to provide the best possible applications for our customers.For more information on Push Notifications please take a look at the developer area of our website. 

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