Lost in translation

Topic: Industry News
The world wide web means business today is rarely limited to a single country and it’s often the case that an employee will visit a foreign speaking country at some point in their career. With this in mind, this week I was really impressed by a few very clever translation tools.  Linguatec language technologies showed off its remarkable piece of software for smartphones and PDAs. Shoot and Translate works by translating text that you photograph with your handset, for example a street sign or building name, which the application then scans and allows you to either listen to or read the translation. The application also allows you to enter text manually into your phone and accounts for spelling mistakes and linguistic frippery.Launched by Talking Technologies, SMS Demo is another piece of handy software that translates foreign languages. This application works by allowing you to send a text to another mobile, landline, email or fax, which the application translates and delivers in either text or audio and in over 30 languages. Nützlich, oder was?
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