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echo inboxOur service quality and reliability are the guiding principles that underpin our promise of “every message matters”. We pride ourselves on providing high quality business messaging services from marketing messages for small independent operations to mission critical messages for large multinationals. We never compromise our service promise, and whilst continuing to exceed our SLA’s is always at the forefront of our minds we’ll never compromise on quality just to speed things up.Recently, we’ve been focusing not just on reliability but on improving the performance of our API and responsiveness of our online messaging application Echo. We’ve listened intently to the feedback you, our customers, have given us and targeted a few key areas that you have told us are most valuable to you and your workflow.

So what’s changed?

  • Viewing sent messages is over 8 x faster – This means that you can navigate to any of your sent messages instantly
  • Looking at individual messages is now over 30 x faster – If you send or receive a large number of messages and spend a lot of time going from message to message you’ll appreciate drilling into the detail faster than ever before
  • Viewing your inbox messages is nearly 3 x faster – See your new messages arriving instantly with the improved inbox load times – invaluable if you’re constantly monitoring your inbox

So how did we do it?

It’s really down to a combination of factors. We’ve been investing heavily in our core infrastructure and have been able to take advantage of the benefits this cutting edge technology can bring. We’re also a fastidious bunch always looking to improve ourselves and the systems we work with. And with over 10 years’ experience, we’ve been able to apply our knowledge to address some of the problems and bottlenecks our rapid growth would pose to more traditional messaging systems; ensuring these performance improvements are here to stay.But, as you’d expect, it doesn’t stop there! We’re already pursuing further enhancements through a combination of strategic improvement and system maintenance programmes.

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Ed Ryan