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send SMS onlineManaging your workforce can be an arduous task. There are many moving parts and circumstances can change at the very last minute. The task becomes harder as your workforce grows and if your workforce is made up of casual or shift working staff. An added layer of difficulty is added when 24 hour staffing is required, for example paramedics or a staff for nursing homes. There are many apps that have attempted to solve this problem, but one medium has remained champion, due to its ubiquitous nature: the humble SMS.Meeting and Appointment reminders – an appointment reminder can be used to remind staff of important meetings and appointments they have. Especially important if the staff member is on the road or out of the office for a large majority of their day. When you set a meeting you can schedule your SMS online to be sent out to each staff member to remind them of the meeting and to make sure they don’t miss it.Shift rostering – Creating a staff roster itself can often be a big job. Making sure all of the bases are covered and every staff member is getting their fair share of shifts. The next task is to inform everyone of their shift. You can send this out via SMS so all your staff members have the details handy at all times, however this isn’t where SMS stands above the rest.Sending SMS online is perfect for providing a quick solution to covering a shift, should a staff member become unavailable. Shifts can be fairly advertised and quickly filled with SMS. Send an SMS out to the entire workforce and within minutes, often seconds, you will have covered that shift. First to reply gets the shift, which makes it fairer than if you were to work your way through a list, calling everyone in alphabetical or preferential order.Sale results updates – sending out daily sales reports to your staff is a great way to keep your sales team motivated and chasing their numbers. Sending SMS online, using our bulk upload feature, also allows you to personalise the message. Each sales executive therefore gets a report relevant to them. By knowing this information they can plan their day to best achieve their daily targets. There are so many ways to manage your workforce better through SMS. It’s the ideal medium as SMS is ubiquitous, meaning everyone that has a phone can receive the message. SMS messages, unlike emails, are read 98% of the time and they are read within 3 minutes. Quite simply, SMS does its job so your staff can do theirs.If you’d like to know more about using SMS online to manage your workforce, get in touch on 1300 764 946 or take a free trial.

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