“Text walking lanes” in Belgium to save mobile users from collisions

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text walking lanesThose who are in the habit of texting while on-the-go can now do it safely, without the risk of colliding into people or objects. That is, as long as they live in the Belgian city of Antwerp, where they’ve just introduced “text walking lanes.”The idea comes from Mlab, a local smartphone specialist in Belgium. The “text walking lanes,” which are similar to bike lanes, are there to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Specifically, those pedestrians who have their eyes firmly glued to their mobile phone while navigating the streets.Mlab claims the lanes could save lives, because people crossing the street can often be distracted by messaging, but now will have a designated lane to walk (carelessly) in. However, it seems more useful for preventing embarrassing incidents like the time I was texting my friend and walked into that pole, rather than saving lives.At the moment, the lanes are temporary, but could become a permanent measure depending on the public’s response.The idea isn’t entirely original, similar schemes have been implemented in the US and China, with minimal success.We’ve heard of no plans to introduce the lanes in Australia, so for now you’ll have to just look where you’re going.With so many people’s eyes closely glued to their phones, and radical ideas like texting lanes emerging, SMS has evidently become dangerously effective. So get on board and start SMS messaging your business stakeholders today, call us on 1300 769 964.

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia