The event of the century – did you miss it?

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Kim Damon from TimeTarget speaking to a group of customersThis morning we welcomed numerous guests and one Guide Dog, Sparky, into our office for a breakfast event. Amidst croissants, quiches and bacon and egg rolls, we chatted about all things related to effective business communication.

We heard from a number of speakers, who provided us with great insight into how their companies achieve success.

Kim Damon from TimeTarget conveyed how technological advancements need to be harnessed to improve communication. They also use a really intriguing technology for staff to clock in and out, using vein scanning identification technology. This adaptability is one of the business attitudes that has led TimeTarget to become the largest rostering solutions provider in Australia.

Guide dog Sparky in the Esendex AU office meeting a group of customersDigby Laurence from Jayex told us how they are revolutionising healthcare. Empowering patients in organising their own treatment processes, which also saves administration staff valuable time. The system also helps healthcare providers with data cleansing and avoiding no-shows to appointments.

Liberty Financial’s John Mohnacheff gave us a dynamic and succinct formula to success in business; remain innovative and relevant. He stressed that innovation is really about bravery in tackling new concepts to change the landscape of industries. Being relevant is about keeping up with changes in technology and behaviour as well as finding niches and going after them.

Customers networking with each other over breakfastHe went on to say “A letter or an email is either deleted or torn up, but with SMS, which is key, 98% are opened. It’s like a drug, we cannot live without reading an SMS as soon as we receive it.”

Our event left us with more than just full stomachs. We’ve got plenty to think about for our strategies going forward. We can all agree it was well and truly worth getting up extra early for, and we can’t wait to plan our next event!

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia