Virtual Mobile Numbers for receiving SMS messages

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Let’s start at the start, what is a Virtual Mobile Number? Generally speaking mobile numbers are attached to a SIM card, which we put into our mobile phones. Virtual Mobile Numbers, or VMN, are mobile telephone numbers that aren’t attached to a SIM card, so don’t go anywhere but exist within the network.A virtual mobile number is an 11 digit number that allows you to receive SMS back to the number you sent your SMS from. Yes in most cases you could supplement the originator with your own mobile number, however the replies will go back to your mobile, and whether that’s scalable for your business is then I guess you need to decide.Many of our customers offer 2-way SMS services to their customers, employees and suppliers as they can see the benefits of getting replies directly to their SMS account. In fact, many start with a send only SMS service then move on to a send and receive SMS service later on.Web SMS providers do different things, such as offer dedicated virtual numbers, which just means you’re the only company using it. Alternatively they will suggest a dynamic virtual number which means that every SMS message goes out with a different number as the originator than the last.Here at Esendex, we offer dedicated virtual mobile numbers. We feel that dedicated virtual mobile numbers have a number of distinct advantages over dynamic virtual mobile numbers.You effectively “own” the number, so you can use it for advertising and to publicise it to your staff, customers and clients. With dedicated virtual numbers you can be confident knowing that your replies are getting through, as only respondents to your SMS business campaign use that number. Recipients will also see the same number every time so they know who the message is from.Our prices for our VMN’S are $25 a month and SMS replies are free. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will add a 2-way SMS messaging facility to your Esendex account straight away.

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