Will you be sending a Merry Text-mas?

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A phone showing a Christmas text messageWith mobile phone technology continuing to advance at a rapid pace, Christmas cheer is set to become more widespread than ever before as Telstra expect festive text messages to reach a figure of  more than 99 million across Australia.According to Telstra research the first thing many of us do Christmas morning is send text messages of goodwill to family and friends – even before opening presents from under the tree.Our Christmas habits are dominated by the power of texting, with mobile users across the globe expected to swap festive greetings in this way as the big day approaches.If you’ve missed the Christmas post and not sent your Christmas cards yet then why not send an SMS instead – It’s cheaper, quicker and more likely to be read. Or if you’ve got staff working over the festive period or Christmas Day then why not send them a quick thank you.

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