Four Star Pizza (Waterford)

Four Star Pizza, one of Ireland’s leading pizza delivery chains, have been working with us since the start of 2017 to create a solid SMS strategy that drives hungry pizza-lovers to regularly place an order. However, for their special Black Friday promotion, Four Star Pizza were keen to try something a bit different.

For many retailers, Black Friday is one of the most important selling days of the year. However, it is also one of the most competitive days of the year, especially for food establishments such as Four Star Pizza. A recent report shows that in 2017, there were three billion emails and around 82 million SMS messages sent offering special Black Friday offers in the USA alone.

In order for Four Star Pizza to stand out from the multitude of messages that their customers would be receiving on Black Friday, we suggested a trial of our brand new communication product: SMS Landing Pages.

This involved building a tailored web page specifically for viewing on a mobile phone, with branded images, an offer code and call-to-action buttons to drive increased customer engagement.

How did Four Star Pizza’s SMS Landing Page message work?

The recipient received a tailored text message with a link to the landing page.

By using our new SMS Landing Page product, they were able to send a far more attractive and engaging message that contained a strong call to action encouraging customers to order pizza online.

The results were fantastic; Four Star Pizza successfully managed to differentiate themselves from their competitors and engage their customers. With an average click-through rate of 10%, this campaign was a great success. They also witnessed a 30% increase in conversion rate, when compared to their previous standard SMS campaign.

“Our only issue was the staff were worked off their feet as a result of trying to keep up with the increased demand! Still, not a bad problem to have!”


Continued success…

In fact, Four Star Pizza were so happy with the success of our new messaging product that they went on to use it again the following Friday, to coincide with a television advertisement they were running.

“We did not regret our decision to use Esendex’s new Landing Page product for our second campaign. The increased level of engagement and interaction really helped to support our TV ad and we saw a 25% uplift in sales as a result.” Ahmad Chughtai, Owner of Four Star Pizza (Waterford)

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