SMS Automations

Put your communications on auto-pilot with our set-and-forget SMS automations. Cut down on time-consuming processes, gain back time lost on admin tasks and improve your customer experience.

Illustration showing late payment reminder SMS automation

Simplify manual tasks

Illustration showing clock and calendar demonstrating potential time saved

Get much-needed time back by automating communications to your customers. Send static or dynamic templated messages to your key audiences, eliminating manual work processes that bog you down.

Improve existing systems and protocols

Illustration of workflow, demonstrating how Esendex can plug into existing software

Esendex’s SMS automations make strategic use of existing datasets and systems within your business. Negate the need to upload time-consuming sheets, download new software or link up to an API.

Customised cross-platform solutions

Illustration showing multi-channel communications

Partner up with our knowledgeable Managed Services experts to create a truly bespoke workflow solution. Experience cross-platform capabilities that keep you engaged with your biggest customers, all without lifting a finger.

Smarter communications. Improved customer experience.

Illustration of basic Esendex automation workflow

Looking for a way to automate mass communication and eliminate manual administration? Esendex’s SMS automations allow you to bulk-send templated messages to your customer base, all from a fixed, unified file.

Backed by our Managed Services team, your business can experience a more streamlined system that enables you to work smarter and communicate effectively. Converse with your biggest customers, without having to do it all from scratch. Send auto-replies and create unique workflows using basic or complex, rule-based triggers – our secure file transfer and automation framework cut the hard work out of authentic B2C relationships.

Who are SMS automations suitable for?

Esendex’s cross-channel solution is designed to meet various workflow needs, complete with automated triggers for all industries.

Confirm appointments and send reminders

Reduce the rate of missed appointments and increase customer loyalty by nurturing before and after their bookings. Send automatic reminders that decrease the impact of otherwise missed appointments.

Payment follow-ups

Notify contacts of billing schedules and missed payments with automated SMS workflows. Offer customers an easy way to pay in a mobile-friendly environment.

Delivery and order updates

Send direct notifications to customers of transactions and delivery alerts all in real-time.

Collecting feedback and queries

Ensure your communications are sent at the most optimum time by configuring pre-defined triggers. For example, a text message is sent confirming pickup details at the completion of a purchase.

Reply automatically

Create a 247 support environment by creating FAQ replies to everyday support requirements.

Consumer support services

Deliver a higher level of customer service by integrating personalisation into your direct communication. Send instant, personalised mobile messages at specific stages of the customer lifecycle.

Engage and delight

Build workflows or potential conversation directions to facilitate seamless transactions at any time.

Nurture and convert

Using SMS to begin a conversation after an interaction with a potential client can increase conversions by 112%

Organising contact lists

Esendex allows the ability to segment mobile numbers and contact lists to ensure the right message gets to the right contact – every time.

Special events

Providing early access to sales and product launch events is a great way to reward valuable customers in addition to increasing conversions. Ensure your special communication doesn’t get lost in a sea of emails by configuring drip SMS campaigns.

The key features of our SMS automations

Multiple message templates
Versatile reply templates

Build a variety of message templates tailored to channels ranging from SMS to email and even voice. Conery your most crucial business communications in a timely, efficient and convenient manner.

Improved read rates

Higher read rates

Through on-hand historical data, you can ensure your automated messages are read by those who matter most by sending communications to their most preferred channels.

personalised message

Demonstrate to your customers that your brand cares by using personalised templates and triggers based on their details.

Cross-channel communications
Cross-channel capabilities

Unify rich messaging, SMS, WhatsApp and email to create smarter communication strategies. Enhance engagement and improve your business’s overall customer experience.

Triggers to automate messages
Multiple message triggers

Establish workflows that send out communications depending on specific customer actions – e.g. a new prospect; no purchases in a specific timeframe; trigger keywords and even a particular time of the day.

Real time reporting
Advanced analytics

Generate learnings and apply them to your future sends by accessing Esendex data on sends.

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