SMS marketing for business.

Promote special offers, exclusive discounts and competitions via SMS.

Encourage engagement.
Happy customers.
Better business.

Getting started with SMS marketing.

Reach your customers while they are on-the-move! Send targeted text messages directly to your customers mobile phones anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re feeling generous and giving your customers 20% off or you’re running a competition, you can get the word out there with SMS.

Create more efficient & effective campaigns.

Not only is sending SMS instant and effective, but by delivering your messages direct to your customers handsets it’s also personal. You can even use two-way text messaging to get faster responses to marketing messages – ideal for opt-in competitions or for sharing exclusive discount codes.

Give your customers the power to contact you instantly! Purchase a consistent and memorable Virtual Mobile Number for your business – they’re great for promotions, mobile coupons, surveys and more.

SMS marketing…the killer stats.

  • 64% think organisations should use SMS more than they currently do (SAP)
  • SMS produces 6 to 8 times higher engagement rates than email (Cellit)
  • 80% of consumers say their favourite brands haven’t used SMS to promote to them.  (Hipcricket)
  • 81% prefer SMS to a mobile app for brand communications  (SAP)

“Text messages are read on average within 5 seconds

Frost & Sullivan

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