5 top tips to prevent your phone being hacked

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A iphone with a lock on the screenHacking has always been computer-related and as Smartphones become increasingly advanced, it is important to learn how to protect them against potential hackers. This could be essential to maintaining your privacy.A mobile hacker could possibly remotely listen to your calls, read your text messages, take pictures with your phone’s camera, follow your internet browsing activity and keystrokes, pinpoint your geographical location and even access your passwords in some very extreme cases.With this in mind what are 5 top tips to prevent mobile hacking?

  1. Set a screenlock pattern or pin on your mobile – If your mobile phone is lost or stolen then a password will instantly stop a hacker picking it up and using it.
  2. As mobile phones are becoming increasingly similar to computers, perhaps we should start treating them as such to avoid hackers. Make sure you download an anti-virus app like Lookout, Norton or AVG which is even free to download.
  3. Only buy apps from a well-known vendor like Google , Apple, facebook and Twitter. Hackers can embed malicious software into an app which allows them to corrupt your phone’s internal system and steal important data.
  4. Avoid unofficial versions of popular apps because they often have malware hidden in the code.
  5. If you suspect your phone is being hacked you could pull out the phone’s battery to stop the flow of data. However if you know which app is behaving badly try and remove it, if this is not possible you could factory reset your phone (warning this will remove all your data and photos, but is the only way to ensure your phone is clean).
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