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The Esendex Australia team

It’s been fourteen years since the very first steps were taken towards building the Esendex we know today. From humble beginnings, we’ve experienced and grown a lot. In fact, our revenue has grown by a minimum of 25% year on year.

As a company, it’s been a journey of gradual growth, but there are a few moments that we think were vital for getting us to where we are today.

Here’s a snapshot of our major milestones:

2001 – Founders Julian Hucker and Adam Bird had the goal of building a high quality global SMS service for businesses, Esendex was formed to fulfill this goal.

2005 – Our Australian and Spanish offices opened, in Melbourne and Barcelona. This was the first of our international expansion efforts.

2007 –  French activities started from the Barcelona office, forming the foundation of our French services.

2009 – We launched Echo! Echo is an updated tool which replaced our initial web SMS platform, and has remained very popular.

2009 – The US operation began, expanding our role as leaders of the technology industry globally.

2010 – We reached 10,000 happy customers. Having this large a customer base showcased the diversity of our products and services for all industries.

2010 –  Our current CEO, Geoff Love, joined the company.

2011 – We celebrated 10 years of Esendex, with a big party in the UK!2012 – We became IS0 27001 certified. We’re so proud of this because it clearly conveys the strength of our information security, showing our customers they can always count on us to protect their data security.2013:   –  We started our business activities in Germany.2013 – Around the time our revenue hit approx. $18m, Darwin Private Equity backed a management buyout of Esendex. This put us in a new position to be even more proactive about growth, acquiring more and more smaller companies as well as building our internal resources.2013 – We acquired Text Marketer, this was HUGE for us because it was our first company acquisition.

2013 – The team moved into our current Australian office, and it’s so lovely in here!

2014 – Esendex acquired Collstream. Collstream are specialists in customer contact solutions providing multi-channel bespoke automations and integrations.

2014 – Our offices in Austria and Madrid opened, the world domination continues.

2015 – We have lots of big and exciting changes planned for 2015, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia