America plays catch up

Topic: Industry News
James’ blog entry on Wal-Mart raised a very interesting point about the use of business messaging in America, particularly with his ending comment,

“This was in the US, surely yet another sign that the States is opening up to the opportunities for business messaging.” 

Mobile phone usage in the US continues to grow with 56 per cent of American mobile phone subscribers using SMS. Figures from the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) show that, in 2007 alone, more than 240 billion text messages were delivered in the US. This is a considerable amount more than in 2005, when only 57 billion had been sent. American businesses are starting to communicate and interact with their customers by using text messages as a delivery channel.According to GfK NOP Research, one in three US mobile subscribers, or 78 million people, saw or listened to an advert on their mobile during Q4 2007. Of those ads received via SMS or MMS, 33 per cent remembered the brands being promoted.Not only do these statistics show that America is increasing their business use of the text messaging, but also that America is catching up with the Europe and Asia at a rapid pace.

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