Closing the gap between customer engagement and mobile intelligence

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Jonathan Walsh, General Manager of Esendex Australia, discusses the new Esendex experience and explains how this turnkey CPaaS solution supports real-time, cloud-based, personalised business communication.

Our smartphones help us to navigate through our world – whether we’re chatting to friends and family, booking a restaurant, rescheduling a delivery, or splurging with an online purchase.

When it comes to business communication, customers are dictating where, how, and at what pace they want to engage. They also want to reach out in the simplest and quickest way possible.

This means that the pressure is on for organisations of all sizes and across all sectors to move towards the seamless, two-way, personalised experiences we have all come to expect.

Managing conversations for a better customer experience

We know that a customer interaction can make or break an experience – whether businesses are engaging with new customers or strengthening existing relationships. Our new Esendex experience has been designed to provide the best business communication possible. Through our turnkey, Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution, customers can contact businesses in their own time, moving between preferred channels, including SMS, email, web-based chatbot, voice, or WhatsApp.

‘Our customers avail of advanced business communication benefits – without the hassle and cost of building from scratch’

Thanks to our new platform, businesses can manage customer conversations across multiple channels simultaneously. A best-in-class user interface also makes the platform easier to use and includes a range of new features designed to measure and improve customer engagement.

We’re just getting started

Customer support, notifications and reminders, collections and payments, marketing, and promotions – at every turn businesses have an opportunity to disappoint or stand out.

And there is a lot riding on both.

A best-in-class business communication platform is never static, and in many ways, we are just getting started. Esendex will continue to embrace technologies to come, and to deliver product enhancements that accelerate, enhance, and automate customer interactions to deliver a go-to market solution that delivers a clear ROI.

As the digital communication landscape becomes more crowded, Esendex is delivering the technology that companies need to stand out.

Our aim is to demystify and simplify the digital journey, making it easier for businesses to build, launch, and scale two-way, multi-channel conversational communication with real impact. If you’d like to tap into the additional benefits of CPaaS to deliver a richer customer communication experience, talk to one of our expert team today.

“If the messages we send to friends and family feel spontaneous and natural, the conversations we have as customers should feel the same. “

Jonathan Walsh, General Manager – APAC

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Jonathan Walsh