The INTIX and Esendex partnership, assisting events with COVID-19 contact tracing in Australia.

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In the midst of 2020, issues arose that had never been experienced before. Contact tracing, COVID-safe plans and instantaneous bulk notification systems are now the new normal. For the hospitality and events industry in Australia, it’s fundamental we get these systems set up correctly. This will ensure venues can keep their doors open and invite in additional patrons as restrictions ease. Aussie businesses have suffered a massive blow financially and we’re all eager to set plans in motion to ensure our economy can attain a better 2021. 

So how does a COVID-safe venue operate? What methods do we put in place to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding the expectations of government and the community?

A logical start would be to ensure that all staff and patrons socially distance, wear masks when required and ensure there are ample supplies of hand sanitizer for all. These precautions are widely known and understood. A sometimes forgotten but equally important consideration is contact tracing. In Victoria, all hospitality venues must track visitors who stay longer than fifteen minutes. In busy environments, this can prove to be a difficult task. A solution for ticketed events or restaurant reservations is utilising a text message communication approach. 

Australian digital ticketing company INTIX is leading the way in innovative solutions for events. INTIX’s offerings are helping venues get back on their feet as restrictions ease. Partnering with Esendex, they have developed a contact tracing system utilising text message technology and collecting contact information from ticket purchases. They ensure all information is kept private and is only shared with appropriate government departments in the event of a potential outbreak.

“We developed this add-on in the hopes that by assisting the Government with contact tracing we may be able to cautiously help our customers open their doors and get events and gigs back up and running,” Alex Grant, CEO of INTIX.

Event organisers are able to trace and quickly notify event attendees of vital information and instructions within a matter of minutes if an outbreak is suspected.  It is hoped this system will work towards blocking the spread of Covid.

” We’ve had a lot of conversations with our clients recently in regards to COVID related struggles, we were thrilled to partner with INTIX to provide a solution that empowers the hospitality and events industry” Jonathan Walsh, General Manager of Esendex APAC.

Contact tracers attempt to manually call each at-risk person within 24 hours of an outbreak, however, the bulk text notification system provides an instantaneous communication method whilst this is happening. Also providing peace-of-mind if someone cannot be reached by phone call.  Proactive and well-planned systems pave a road to bigger events in the near future. “We are excited to launch this initiative and look forward to seeing the event industry back up and running,” Alex said.

If you are a venue operator or event organiser and interested in a text message COVID-safe plan, you can contact Alex and the INTIX crew for a chat here.

Alternatively, speak to our friendly staff about how Esendex technology can help you with your COVID-safe plan.

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