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The recent Human Capital Trends 2018 report revealed that 90% of Australian businesses jointly ranked a connected workplace and C-suite collaboration as their top priorities to prepare for the future, yet only 38% and 43% of companies surveyed are ready to tackle these challenges respectively.It is estimated that the Australian economy will lose $9.3 billion worth of value of it doesn’t leverage collaboration in the workplace. In fact, companies that prioritise collaboration are five times more likely to experience a considerable increase in employment, twice as likely to be profitable and to outgrow their competitors (source). According to an Alfresco survey, 83% of professionals depend on technology to collaborate. Contrary to what some people think, though, creating a connected, collaborative workplace doesn’t necessarily require a massive network or a team of specialists. There are simple tools that can help connect your different apps and software as well as bringing staff together so they can be informed and equipped with the necessary data.  Zapier is one such tool, and this week, the Esendex Zapier integration moves out of public beta, as an increased number of users are getting value out of connecting their websites and back office software with their communication channels. With no coding or development skills required, the Zapier plugin helps improve efficiency and reduce friction.   

A more connected workplace is key to a more connected customer journey

Research from HBR revealed that 73% of customers use multiple channels in their shopping journey, and the more channels they use, the more valuable they are. Yet 78% of customers receive a fragmented experience as they move from channel to channel (source). The picture in the workplace is quite similar, with workers reporting using an average of four communication apps; and 69% of workers wasting up to 32 days a year simply navigating between apps to find the information they need to complete their task (source).   In order to provide a more connected channel-to-channel customer experience, it is important for businesses to facilitate data to flow between their different software, apps and staff members, so that information can be shared and retrieved no matter which system or member of staff the customer encounters. Our Zapier integration enables businesses to connect their different apps and software with our powerful SMS communication channel. Event based triggers can also be set up so that apps or software can automatically notify certain departments or staff members with key developments or updates, providing them with the necessary information no matter how and where they encounter the customer.

Unlock the automation roadblock

Automation plays an important role in paving the way for employees to interact and collaborate better with their colleagues, and focus on work that requires creativity and innovation. While 75% of Australian companies see AI, robotics and automation as important, only 23% feel that they are ready to navigate associated changes (source). An earlier research cited that lack of finance and skilled staff are the main roadblocks. This is where Zapier’s automation opportunities can help. Zapier enables businesses to connect different applications and fire automated actions based off different triggers without having to hire a team of developers or engineers. The Esendex Zapier integration for instance, connects our SMS platform to over 1300 apps, software and systems, enabling businesses to add automated SMS as part of their workflow pretty effortlessly. A more connected workplace isn’t based on how powerful the technologies are; the more important question is where does information go from where it is being captured, and how can it be better utilised to streamline the business process and improve the customer journey? The Esendex Zapier integration provides businesses with a powerful tool to answer this question. Contact us at 1300 764 946 to find out more.

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia