Esendex’s new partnership extends service to pets

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A human hand and a cat hand giving each other a hi fiveThere are nearly as many domestic pets in our homes as there are people. According to the 2016 Pet Ownership in Australia report, Australia is home to more than 24 million pets owned by 24.2 million people.Holding one of the highest household rates of pet ownership in the world, at a staggering 62%, it appears our “fur babies” are pretty important to us. That term has even been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, unsurprisingly as 65% of dog owners and 66% of households with cats, regard their pet as part of the family.Worth an estimated $12.2 billion annually in revenue to the pet product and pet services industries, domestic pets are big business.At Esendex we serve all our customers with the same passion and dedication. Our partnership with PetLinx is aimed to serve our four-legged friends by making sure their human owners are always engaged and on top of their pet’s well-being.Petlinx logo The partnership between Esendex and the PetLinx platform enables pet-care service providers such as pet grooming, boarding kennels and catteries, and dog daycare businesses to send text messages to owners to ensure that they do not miss out on key dates or appointments.It also opens opportunities to develop marketing activities by sending promotions for discounts and offers to help grow business and boost care and customer service levels. One great feature of our service is the option to convert the text message into a voice call. So where a text message doesn’t suit the pet owner or service user, a voice call can be activated instead enabling businesses to personalise communication to the specific user’s needs. If you would like to learn more about our partnership with PetLinx, how you can integrate SMS with your existing software or platforms, or how we can work with you to add value to your business, please contact our team on 1300 764 946.

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia