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Customer satisfaction is becoming more important than any other area of business according to recent research (source) which means that prioritising the collection of insight and feedback has become more important than ever. With the rise in the use of SMS as a feedback tool due to its high and fast response rates, a lot of businesses have opted for Esendex’s SMS Survey platform to get to know their customers.  We also take the satisfaction levels of our customers seriously which is why we have recently introduced two new features to the platform in order to provide both business owners and the end recipients with a better experience.       

Say goodbye to duplicate surveys

SMS surveys featureA recent consumer insight survey reported that excessive marketing, sales calls and emails are the two most annoying brand behaviours.While it is important for business to measure the hierarchy of customer experience after a service or transaction, for high support operations like those encountered at a contact centre or courier company it is important not to spam customers with multiple surveys asking for feedback.In order to tailor to this need, we’re now enabling businesses to define the time period in which a survey will not be sent to an end recipient that has previously received that survey.

Enhanced response recognitionemoji in sms survey 

You might be surprised by how willing customers are to provide feedback.  Surveys are often structured to only accept answers that conform with the survey design, so if a respondent provides a non-conforming answer, what happens? Generally, the survey will stop, or the question will be repeated which can lead to a less than ideal customer experience.At Esendex we’ve also seen a lot of respondents providing additional information when responding to surveys or using a smiley face or thumbs up. In fact, Research reveals that there nearly 10 million Australians use emojis, with two thirds stating that they are better than words when expressing feelings.In order to provide an optimal experience, we have introduced enhanced matching. So if someone replies 10 with a smiley face or provide additional comments, our system will still be able to recognise the 10 as the answer and continue the survey.If you have any question about these new features, or would like to discuss how your business could benefit from SMS Surveys, please feel free to contact us at 1300 764 946.  

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia